Zombies help solve the mysteries of the universe.

For my first dream post I chose one that references my blogging hero The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson).

Last night I had a dream that was set in the future after zombies tried to take over the world but the non-zombified had overcome and were once again in control. My business in this future world was of a trader and one of my most coveted items was the tame zombie. However, as is the case of most zombie dreams, the zombies true nature could not be tamed and I had to fight my way out of a three-pronged zombie attack. The last thing I remember was holding on to one of the zombies by the foot and repeatedly jumping on his knee. The freaking knee wouldn’t break so he kept getting up and trying to bite me.

I woke up totally freaked out but went immediately into dream analysis.

I thought, “Wow that was a freaky zombie acorn dream. Jenny Lawson would love it.”  Then I thought, “No, it was a freaky zombie unicorn dream… that’s why Jenny Lawson would love it.”  Then I thought, “Why would I say acorn when I meant unicorn? They’re nothing alike.”

Lying there, trying not to fall asleep, I started saying the words in my head, “Acorn, unicorn, a corn, uni corn.“  Then it hit me!

A corn = a single corn. Uni corn = a single corn. They mean the same thing! We never see unicorns because they turn into acorns! I’ve solved one of the great mysteries of the universe! You. Are. Welcome.

Disclaimer: I don’t remember any unicorns being in the dream.


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  1. Lola
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 14:58:43

    Thank you for clearing this up, maybe I can sleep better tonight. Maybe I should get Shanni Acorn salt and pepper shakers this year…


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