Maybe I should write lyrics

The first two verses were created while sitting in a mostly vacant house, waiting for movers to finish packing, and at least six hours since I had last eaten. I rummaged in my purse to see if there was any kind of snack and all I found was a little tin – containing two mints. I gave my daughter one of the mints and then annoyed her with this song for the rest of the night.

Loosely sung to the tune of “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher.



I’ve got two mints

I’ve got two mints

I’ve got mints to freshen my breath

I’ve got mints to make a tasty snack

(Repeat Chorus)

They say my breath could stop a train

I say my stomach’s grumblin’ once a-gain

(Repeat Chorus)

Cinn-a-mon kills the stink

Choc’late makes you fuller than you’d think

(Repeat Chorus)

I’ve got breath, it stinks so bad

But lately mints are the best meal that I’ve had

(Repeat Chorus)