Bored… on an airplane

You too? Well, here’s what I do. My daughter – or some stranger next to you – types a letter and you come up with a sentence (or three) starting with that letter. Here’s an example from a recent trip.

Q – Quickly I walked to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread. There was a big party and they needed lots of garlic bread to go with the crab cakes and peanut butter fudge.
(That’s definitely an inside joke. )

G – Grazing the side of my head the bullet ripped by and struck the wall behind me. When did zombies start using guns?

M – Mustard splattered all over my shirt and I knew from that moment on this date was not going to go well.

Z – Zooming through outerspace, I caught a glimpse of the planet my species once called home… Earth.

F -Forever takes on a whole new meaning when you’re immortal. I didn’t want to live forever if my beloved lemur would not be there to share it with me but the vampire laws strictly prohibited inter-species relationships.

W – Weakening her grip on my arm was not going to be easy but I was going home with that clearance Coach bag if it was the last thing I did!

N – Noting the location of the nearest bathroom, I proceeded to eat the ant encrusted moose testicle.

D – Disturbing thoughts flooded my mind as I drifted off to sleep. Perhaps the double meat burrito and midnight zombie movie was a bad idea.

R – Ringing bells at midnight signaled an attack was coming from the east. I was tired and hungry but my duty was to the queen; so I set out once again to defend the castle against the evil forces beyond the wall.

E – Every year the village celebrates the new harvest with dancing and drinking in the streets, followed by vomiting and snoring in the homes.

L – Luckily I remembered to bring my worm-hole spurs so we could open the cowboy portal.

Your turn!